The Wind River Range

Photographs taken with a 35mm Fuji Disposable Camera while mountaineering in the Wind River Range with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). "I found myself surrounded by a mass of steep, grey mountains as I stumbled towards my group’s tent. Puffy, dark clouds blanketed the sky, and swirled about as if they were part of the creek which lived within our campsite. The cliffs behind me were unusually steep; littered with ridged chunks of rock. The expanse of the campsite housed massive, lichen infected boulders. These large rocks seemed to be strategically placed about the clearing, faintly resembling a sloppy game of chess. The queen rock, which was uncharacteristically larger than most of the boulders; sat hidden behind a collection of smaller, jagged pawn formations. I could only wonder if my perception of these mountains was realistically a game itself. It was at this moment than I came to, lying prone in a tent next to Will. He was holding the hood of my jacket as I expelled the day’s water and food into the grass between the rain-fly and tent body."

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